February 7, 2014

13 From ‘13

Note: As year-end honors finish filing in, I find myself with a lot of leftover thoughts on the films of last year. What follows is not a list of my “13 favorite” films of 2013. I stopped writing those sort of lists a while ago in a (completely futile) attempt to put away childish things. Instead, these are the 13 films from 2013 that I feel most compelled to write about. Their inclusion below doesn’t signify greatness so much as their ability to provoke some kind of fascination in me. (To explain- in early 2010, I spent more time writing about The Blind Side than any other film precisely because of its stupefying dullness.) With this caveat in mind, I present my thoughts on the cinema of 2013 with 13 movies which, for better or worse, I won’t shut up about:

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